About Babies Born and no Paracetamol by Horst Heveling

Babies Born and no Paracetamol by Horst Heveling

Last week I again visited our project in Baco. There
true three babies born of it was a couple of twins. Again I had to
notice the lack of everything. The hygiene is appalling, the
Mothers can be glad that their babies are alive. Here I must
still tell that this year a new law has come out the
Ban home births. The births must be either in hospital or
be treated in the health center. That’s meant well, but
Filippino deserves a normal 1-2 euro per / day. In the hospital costs
a birth between 100-500 EUR depending on the doctor and rooms. In the
Healthcenter is it free but also dangerous for the
Hygiene .Now I have tried for months to improve the circumstances
but unfortunately there are not enough donations. The latest donation will
used intensively. But it is not only measured the blood pressure or
Blood sugar. There are headaches and diarrhea. During my visit I had
myself headaches. So I did ask the nurses for a
Paracetamol tablet . With frightened had I not hear the
times more in the medicine cabinet was even no paracetamol more.

Its a case of humanity to give moral support in form of a Membership on our Website or to become a Advocate by Betterplace.


When someone wants to see the babies with their mothers the photos. are on the
Site http://www.helphealth-philippines.com

I haven’t yet had the chance to go back to http://de.betterplace.org/projects/3449-healthcenter-baco but I can tell you that I did become an Advocate through Betterplace, as far as I can tell for the project that Horst Heveling is championing in the Philippines, the free HealthCenter in Baco.

I submit for your consideration, that you too can make a difference in joining up and at least showing moral support for the cause.

Horst Heveling’s blog post quoted above, appears at http://www.humanithes.org/user-blogs/hewie/babies-born-and-no-paracetamol and I have track-backed to the original article, as well as reproducing it here.

You may also consider joining Humanithes.org, if you are not a member and wish to add a comment directly you will be required to join the Humanithes site.* (As of 08th November, the http://www.HumaniThes.org has remained off-line)

That would also put you in a line of communication with Horst Heveling, and you will be able to do more in the line of collaboration.

It takes a lot more than donations to the free clinic to keep it  and projects like it moving forward.  I encourage you to take it upon yourself to do what you can to help.

The fact that the clinic did not have Paracetamol in the medicine chests should be a direct indicator to you that a financial donation is in order.

I know that Horst did not elaborate on what else the clinic is likely missing.  Take into account that the non-affordability of simple medicines tells you that anything above that is likely to be non-existent as well.

There are likely some people who will be hesitant about making donations.

I encourage those of you willing to do so to donate now.
I will also say that anyone noting that they will like to have donations sent through our own non-profit organization can “ear-mark” their contribution for “Baco-freeclinic” or “free Philippines” and I will immediately know where you are wanting to send the donation.

I’m not sure as I write this that the donate button above this should take you to the page where you can make a

One-Time Donation in the amount of your choice.  In the event that something is not working as it should be, and it appears not to be working correctly,

Global Anti-Poverty Initiative Program has a Subscriptions page on our website at http://gapi.tk

You can make a donation through that site, and if the timetables or schedule of available donations does not suit you, you can always mail a check.

Global Anti-Poverty Initiative Program

Attention: Baco Free Clinic Project

7420 Old Mobile Highway

Moss Point, MS 39562-7604

The United States of America

Do make a note that 100% of contributions made to ongoing projects with Global Anti-Poverty Initiative Program are what the projects receive.

I am hoping that as soon as the Global Microempowerment Initiative Program has enough underwriting and support from some very good people in the Private Banking industry that there will be a lot more done through that program, in assistance with building infrastructure and adding supplies such as needed Paracetamol, as well as the things that we can only imagine which the free clinic lacks at the moment.

Thank God when you are not in the situation of poverty and something as necessary as a birth clinic is not on the order of years of impossible indebtedness.

I know that there are going to be some good things said about this, but let’s hope awareness brings some action.

Thank you for your consideration.


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