Skype not working – Anger

Skype not working – (angry)

If you have recently updated your version of Skype™, there is an issue with the current (Beta) version of Skype™ (< 10 May 2013):

And you are using the Windows 7® Operating System with Service Pack 1 and all applicable security updates from Windows® Update –

Your installation of Skype™ may be causing you headaches.

Anger can be overly taxing on your sensibilities.

I had the “Automatic Updates” feature in Skype™ doing it’s job’…

I was very sorry for that, I ended up with that Windows®7 machine being practically worthless while I was on a Skype™ conference call.

The clock stopped running, other applications were “locked out” and even the good-old standby of ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’offered no redemption.

The ONLY solution I was able to come across was to uninstall the Skype™ version 6.3 that was on my affected PC and re-install Skype™ version 6.0x

I found a site that I could post about (meaning you can download from it, and it is not my site) which has previous versions of software that are “out of circulation”.

You can get the following version of the file here:

Supported Systems

Windows 95, 98 (Skype ?), Me (Skype , 2000 (Skype ?), XP, Vista, 7, 8

MD5 Checksum


SHA1 Checksum


Release Date

24 October, 2012 (7 months ago )


You can get the following version of the file here:

Here is a quote from a person who had a different problem:

Dave Jannsen3 months ago

The windows 8 app is totally horrible, it’s unuseable. It flips to a screen and you can’t use other stuff on your desktop when you use skype. It’s unreal that they thought that was a good idea.


If this helps you solve the same problem, great!


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