As previously posted on my Facebook page:

So I went to Wal-Mart shopping locally unfortunately on top of that Over all experience was worsened by the fact that the Wal-Mart produce department manager had decided to put out 10 pound bags of potatoes for a dollar each. This would not have been horrifying except for the fact that the potatoes were rotting in the Bins. There were not one but two of these truck bins Full of potatoes you could not smell the apples or the tomatoes or really any of the fruit because of the overpowering stench from the rotting potatoes. Now I’m the first person to advocate price dropping and a dollar for 10 pounds of potatoes especially given the economic climate and the fact that a 10 pound bag of potatoes is hardly heard of and would be a welcome change however reality says that this is an out of the ordinary experience so is this such a bad economy that people going to Wal-Mart should have to put up with rotting vegetables in the bin? Is it really all that bad? Is Wal-Mart going to really lose that much money by donating their rotting potatoes to a homeless soup kitchen or someone that could easily dispose of them do they have to expose their customers to the lovely aroma of rotting potatoes that this is something that you would have by accident if you had left the potatoes in your kitchen. So I have left Wal-Mart a complaint like that that’s going to do any good.It’s quite sad and low prices are one thing but a very low-quality experience at your shop is another paying a dollar for the bag of potatoes could not have possibly made up for the experience it is not a matter of pride.I don’t think the potatoes would have been fit for human consumption at this point probably not the ones at the bottom of the shipping bin. So anyhow, I ended up with the bag of sweet onions my wife wanted the small package of mushrooms and a healthy dose of regret. Someone may have it bad enough that a dollar for 10 pounds of potatoes seems like a bargain seriously, But to add insult to financial injury on the part of Wal-Mart by expecting the public to purchase rotting vegetables is shameful and I would be remiss if I did not point it out. It really worries me that a corporation of the size and stature of Wal-Mart resorts to putting these potatoes out for public consumption. In the past I have come across ham In a different Wal-Mart’s deli cases not where they cut your Luncheon meat but where you pick out your own half ham or turkey, Only to see that the dates had been rubbed off scratched off generally obfuscated leaving the customer to buy meat months out of date –literally. The potential for actual food poisoning in that case is much greater. The only reason I bring that up is because I had to mention that Wal-Mart is indeed capable of things worse than selling 10 pound bags of potatoes for a dollar ( that are rotting). The store number is 0501 the manager is Manuel Martinez the store telephone is 601-649-6191. If you happen to have also shopped at the Wal-Mart in Laurel on 31 October, and had this unpleasant experience with the rotting potatoes and vegetable produce section please do let them know.you can also comment at Wal-Mart.com., this is not a tear down on Wal-Mart, had this happened at Piggly Wiggly, Kroger, or any other local grocery I would say the same thing.


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